Summer 2021 Course Descriptions

Special Topics (new!) courses – this summer only:


Special Topics in Gender Studies: “Disability, Difference, and Desire in Literature and Film”

Summer Session (six weeks; June 1 to July 8)

Instructor: Kristen Starkowski (part-time lecturer in Gender Studies)

What narratives are told and negotiated about gender, sexuality, and disability? Why are those with disabilities so often represented as innocent and asexual? And why do so few media portrayals of disability involve relationships? This online course examines the complex intersections between gender, sexuality, and disability. Students will engage various accounts of disability and sexuality in literature, media, and film. Topics include trauma and sexuality, fetish and desire, disability and violence, and dating with a disability. 



Special Topics in Gender Studies: “Sex, Gender, and Theatre”

Summer Session H (six weeks, July 12-Aug 18)

Instructor: Maura Vaughn (professional director/actress and part-time lecturer in Gender Studies)

Sex, Gender, and Theatre examines the ways in which theater has reflected and challenged societies’ views of sex, gender, and the power dynamic between the two. We will focus on three different plays: Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night, Or What You Will, Caryl Churchill’s Cloud 9, and Charles Mee’s Big Love. We will interrogate the historical, cultural, and personal variability of the notion of gender itself, and how the intersection of sex, gender, and power plays out in other entertainment media we consume. Maura Vaughn has been a professional actress since 1981 and has taught theatre since 1996.

Check out Marura’s discussion with Shauna Shames, our Gender Studies Director: 

Other summer offerings (regularly-offered courses) – Click HERE for course descriptions! 

  • Salem Witch Trials
  • Queer Crime
  • Gender & Sexuality in Crime Thrillers